Masses Join NDC Youth Wing Organized “March For Justice” Protest (Photos)

The peaceful protest themed “March for Justice” organized by the Youth Wing of the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) is took place today, Tuesday, 6th July, 2021.

Present were personnel from the Ghana Police Service as assured earlier. Protestors were all spotted in red and black dress as well as and wearing their masks.

The match started from the green park right opposite Accra mall through to some principal streets in Accra and ends at the Parliament of Ghana. There are a lot of masses who joined the match to voice out their grievances as shown on placards.

However, they made a stop at the Jubilee house and Parliament of Ghana to deliver a petition to the President and Speaker of Parliament respectively.

The reason for embarking on such a protest as explained by the NDC party was to caution on the state of insecurity and lawlessness in the country. And to also compel the current president of Ghana to address them with urgency.

For these past few weeks and months, Ghana hasn’t actually been very “peaceful”. This can be attested to the fact that insecurity in the country as crime are also on the rise. Casting our mind back, we can talk about the arm robbery of the bullion van that lead to the killing of a young police man and a pregnant woman.

Also, happenings at Ejura in the Ashanti region which death to the death of two and other injuries.

Many have also critics this current government for many doings negatively from huge judgement debts to high expenses. This led to the emergency of the #fixthecountry campaign as many Ghanaians want to protest as the government.

They feel this current government is not doing much as the country is in a condition that need to be fixed.

More details will be out now that peaceful match of the National Democratic Congress has ended and their petitions submitted.

As the Speaker of Parliament has receive his copy of the petition, reading and discussion will soon begin. Thus when we can know the full details of the petition and what the NDC wants the government to do.

From there we can all decide whether we support their petition or not and also share our opinions on them.

Below are photos of the peaceful match and masses with their placards;


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