Meet Adwoa Pee, The Finest Female Barber In Ghana

The statement, “What men can do, women can do it better” is gradually getting grounds. Thus, females these days are doing their possible best to suit in every aspect men find themselves.

To maintain the statement, majority involve themselves into field dominated by men. Across the world, men are known to be the ones who are into trimming the hair and beard and adding any style while women are into braiding or plaiting the hair in the saloon.

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However, the females have joined the opposite gender in the barbering shop to trim hair of people. A similar example of what is being insinuated is the one of Adwoa Pee, a female barber in Ghana.

Adwoa Pee is a female yet her way of trimming the hair seems like the hand work of a male barber. Due to this, Ntim of Kejetia Vrs Makola fame congratulated her on his Facebook page. He also promise to have a shave from her anytime he goes to Kumasi where she is.


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