Meet Dan Sur, A Mexican Rapper Who Has Gold Chain Hooks Surgically Implanted As His New Hair (Photos)

Dan Sur is a Mexican rapper who claims to be the first rapper in the human history who has gold chain hooks surgically implanted into his scalp as his new hair.

The 23-year-old rapper & composer, producer and Influencer Dan Sur has songs titled “Se Siente Sola”, “Bonk Bonk Marengue”, “De Chikito” and so on. He first surprised his followers on TikTok with his newly acquired hair implant and all who came across it too were left speechless.

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Dan Sur has a huge following and very vibrant on TikTok. In one of his videos uploaded onto the platform, he opened up on his new look. He revealed that he wanted to do something that will differentiate him from that of others because he saw everyone dyed their hair.

The gold chain hooks now his new hair was surgical implanted into his scalp somewhere in April, 2021 but the cost involved and where he got it done hasn’t yet been disclosed by the Mexican rapper Dan Sur.

Below are some photos posted by himself.


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