Meet Omar, The Man Who Was Allegedly Kicked Out At A Festival With Two Others Because Of Their Handsomeness

Here is a story of a man named Omar who have been been a victim of something one might not understand or believe.

Omar Borkan Al Gala, a man who was born in Baghdad became popular with two others. This happened following an incident which took place in 2013. The incident which occured went to the extent of driving them away from the country.

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It was reported that Omar and the two others were drove away from party because of they were very handsome. However, while in an interview, Al Gala said, at the festival which brought the brouhaha, some girls recognized him from some modelling he had done and decided to have photographs after which the crowd grew stronger.

Omar disclosed the religion police present didn’t like it and came asking him to leave politely. According to a police officer, “the members of the commission for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vices feared visitors would fall in love with them.

After their dismissal they were no where to be found in the country. Saudi Arabia issued a statement clarifying that Omar and the others were never asked to leave the festival. And not the country and had nothing to do with their handsomeness. But was related to the unexpected presence on the stand of men, something that challenged the country’s custom regarding having women not to interact with men who are not of their family.

They also stated Al Gala had performed indecent dressing. They went viral on the internet after photographs of Al Gala were disseminated and interview which were granted. He also appeared on cover of magazines as the most handsome Arab man in the world and the most handsome man in the world.

Photos of Al Gala


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