Meet Tanzanian and Ugandan Singers Who Rejected $108,000 And $290,000 Respectively From An Alcoholic Brand Because They Are Muslims

To many, it may seem like a cooked story but in reality this story is a true one which is popularly known in their respective country.

Both singers avoided endorsing an alcoholic drink all because they wanted to preserve their Islamic faith.

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Tanzanian Singer, Zunchu rejected a $108,000 endorsement deal offer from an alcoholic endorsement deal offer from an alcoholic brand to protect her Islamic faith.

Her mother, Tanzanian Music Legend, Khadijah Kona warned her against prompt such products earlier.

Also in the year 2021, Ugandan Singer, Eddy Kenzi did same. He rejected $290,000 endorsement deal offer from a European alcoholic company because of his Islamic believes

In his own words; “ It is true I rejected an endorsement deal from alcohol worth billions because I don’t stand for it as a person. Yes, I go to the bar but it is not to drink. I go to socialize and hang with my buddies. Everything is not about money.”


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