Meet The African Slave Who Caused Pain and Made the Whites Regret Buying Him

Nat Turner
Nat Turner.

Much of African history consists of many interesting stories after the invasion of white supremacists on the African continent.

The history of slavery, which started in the Western world before Africa was discovered, has given Africans so many dark memories of white supremacy.

During the slave trade between the 16th and 19th centuries, before its abolition in 1807, many Africans went through a lot of suffering during this period of slavery, as many of them were auctioned to buy by foreign countries where they were treated like animals.

Nat Turner

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Nat Turner made a sudden rebellion against the white people (Master), which caused so much pity and pain to the white people after the rebellious attack he carried out against them.

Nat Turner was a slave on the Benjamin Turner family estate in Southampton County, Virginia, in October 1800. According to the story, Nat Turner was highly educated and read the Scriptures. This had a form of great influence on his knowledge of life.

Nat Turner

The availability of biblical knowledge made Nat Turner always preach the Bible to his fellow slaves. This was because he always advised his slaves to obey their masters.

Because their life as slaves went on and faced so many bad experiences. Nat Turner began to believe that he had been chosen by God to save someone else from the slave forest. To answer himself, Nat Turner realized that the Bible needed him to unite oppressed slaves. He intended to overthrow their masters and regain their freedom.

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After Nat Turner managed to gather 75 of his fellow slaves, he fought day and night with his comrades of 75 slaves against whites and killed more than 60 whites at Southampton.

The white militia of about 3,000 rebelled aggressively against all the slaves during the operation when they crushed many slaves to death, though not all participated in the revolt.

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Many of the assailants were put on arrest and killed, except for Nat Turner. They could not find him anywhere and admitted he did not regret what he had done. That was before he was sentenced to death in Jerusalem on November 11, 1831.


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