Meet The Handsome Sons Of Kumawood Actress, Vivian Jill

As it stand many might not know about the first born of actress Vivian Jill Lawrence. However they only know she has a little son who they always mistake as the first child.

The actual fact here is that the actress already had a son before conceiving and giving birth to his little boy.

His first son is Prempeh Clinton and you need not to be told that is the son of Vivian looking at him from the photos, you could see he resembles her.

Prempeh was born when the actress was a teenager. Thus, during her schooling days in the secondary school and had the support of her family to deliver.

You might easily identify his first son as his husband if not informed. He is her son and it also tells looking at his structure. Alfie Nana after many years was also given birth to by the actress. He is the second born and son of the talented actress.

Here are their photos below…..


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