Meet The Tribe In Guinea Where A Man Must Cut Off His Finger And Present It As A Dowry For A Woman

The world we live in has many people with different cultures or beliefs. Some may appear as strange to others but to those who practice the culture, it’s a normal thing to them.

The Dani tribe is a well known tribe in Papua Guinea where a man does the unthinkable before he can be given the green light to marry a woman.

At marriage, a man must cut off the finger of his right hand and present it to the bride as a dowry for her.

And if he wants to divorce her, he cuts off two fingers of his left hand, but if he dies, his wife cuts off the ten fingers of her hand as a sign of her fidelity to him and that she will not marry a man after him.

This means whether you marry, divorce or die… there are fingers that must be cut off.


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