Ministry of Communication Extends Sim Card Registration Deadline

A press release from the Ministry of Communication and Digitisation signed bythe sector Minister, Ursula Owusu indicates the deadline for SIM card registration has been extended from March 31, 2022, to July 31, 2022.

“The sim registration exercise started on 1st October, 2021 and is expected to end on 31st March, 2022.  As of 17 March, 14,091,542 SIM cards had been linked to the Ghana card” while “10,348,532 bio-captures” had been conducted and 99,445 new SIMs registered”, the statement read.

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Furthermore, elaborated on the reason why there have been a suddenly extension of the deadline date. They said, “Due to a number factors including the fact that over 7.5 million citizens and residents are yet to obtain Ghana cards to enable them to register their SIM cards, it is clear that the deadline for the completion of the registration of the remaining active SIM cards cannot be met,”

“More time will be required to update the SIM registration app for the registration of diplomats while a self-service SIM registration app is also being developed to facilitate the registration of SIM cards for Ghanaians resident abroad”.

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The Ministry of Communication and Digitalisation  commend all Ghanaians and foreign residents in Ghana for their support in ensuring that through this exercise, there have been a development of credible database with integrity, which will help address issues of cyber fraud and promote secure SIM Card based transactions as part of their efforts to digitally transform the economy.


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