Model sacked from a flight because of her b00bs (photos)

Mary Magdalene was rejected from boarding her flight to Dallas , Texas due to her 22-pound b00bs.

The 25-year-old model wore leggings and a sports bra for her $5,000 flight on Tuesday and was able to clear security and board the plane.

Earlier, She was asked to leave due to excessive use of headphones and failure to listen to instructions. But she assumed her sacking had something to do with her appearance, thus her huge b00bs and how they where exposed.

She took that as the reason why they returned her from boarding her flight. It didn’t end there,
Magdalene took to social media to share her experience.

“I was kicked off tf light [the flight] for how i look please stop discrimination please this is disgusting i feel so embrrassed and [dehumanized right now], u guys have no idea.”

The influencer intended to file legal action against the flying company for victimizing her due to her appearance.

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