More Videos From The Marriage Ceremony Of TV3 Ghana’s Sika Osei And Her Husband (Watch)

Apparently, co-host of the ‘ladies circle’, a television program telecast on TV3 every Saturday, Sassy Sika Osei is off the singles market as she got engaged yesterday.

The TV personality and show host Sika Osei who is good at rattling with the Queen’s English language on our television screens from all indications appeared to be the happiest woman on earth as she got married her fiance yesterday on Thursday, October 21, 2021.

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Sika Osei exhibited to everyone how good she is at dancing and with her usual smiley face, she brought joy unto the faces of all who were gathered to witness her marriage.

Some of her colleague who she hosts the ‘ladies circle’ with were also present and among her bridesmaids and there are a number of videos which captures different moments of the ceremony which was held in Accra.

From the moments Sassy Sika Osei was dancing, when she was walked by her bridesmaids and the moment she got to cut the cake with her husband are all seen in these videos.

Watch all the videos below.

See also some of the photos below.


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