‘Most Pastors Even Instrumentalists Wants To Sleep With You’ – Shugatiti On Why She Has Stopped Going To Church

Shugatiti has opened up on why she has stopped going to church for many years now.

The Ghanaian actress and video vixen speaking on ‘Pulse Uncut’ disclosed that it’s been 7 years even more since she stepped foot into the house of God and for her reason, she explained during the interview.

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According to Shugatiti, if you want one place where favouritism is mostly practiced and also there is much sin is the church. She affirmed that most
pastors, even Instrumentalists and in fact everyone would want to sleep with you.

She gave another scenario where she said in churches people who give huge sums of money during contributions are given the maximum respect as in treated as kings in the church whiles others are looked down up and all these this puts her off.

And in order to avoid all these things, she decided to quit going to church, and it’s been a long time now.

Watch this part of the interview where she said all these in the video provided below.


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