“My B0dy Was Not A Mistake” – Bu$ty Nigeria Lady Hits Back At Critics (Watch)

A Nigerian lady who is identified as Choima has brought the internet to a stand-still with heavily-endowed chest. She has caused a stir online and social media users can’t stop reacting.

However, in one of her post she opened up on how confident she is about her body and loves to flaunt them. She always gets trolled on social media because of her body but don’t mind.

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Speaking on her struggles in a chat with LIB, Chioma revealed that she used to wear loose dresses and tight bras to hide her b00bs because she was always getting a lot of attention from people.

According to her, it’s always difficult to find a bra of her b00bs size. She sometimes go out without wearing one.

In addition, she said that the first reaction of people when they see her in town is to stop and look at her.

Interesting, she indicated she has grown to love and accept how she is.

When asked if she would change anything about herself, the content creator who runs a personal blog on social media said, “No, but if my large breasts ever pose a health problem for me in the future, I can always go for surgery to reduce them.”

Watch a video of her below….



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