My Movie Once Healed A Dumb Woman In USA-Agya Koo (Video)

Ghanaian movie legend, Alex Kofi Adu popularly known as Agya Koo has highlighted a few impacts his acting career has made in an interview.

While speaking on Angel Fm based in Kumasi, he revealed that his movie was able to heal a woman leaving in the US who was mute for 7 years.

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According to him, the woman got attracted to a funny scene of the movie to which she tried laughing and fortunately for her, an object came out from her mouth which made her talk.

The veteran actor also indicated that he started getting calls from family members of the woman and pastors who tried so many times in healing her.

Moving to another wonderful thing his acting career did, he disclosed that a young boy who was hospitalized due to an accident and went into coma for some days rose up mentioning he the actor’s name.

Watch the video here


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