Nana Agradaa Caught Red-Handed Performing R!tuals On Her Church Members (Video)

Fetish priestess now Evangelist Nana Agradaa is in the news again and trending massively on social media following a recent video of hers.

Nana Agradaa who claims she is now born again and evangelist of God, has been caught red-handed performing rituals on her church members. The video has gone viral and attracting lots of reactions.

Many people have doubted the sudden change of Nana Agradaa and her current activities. People still refer to her as a scam even in his Christian activities.

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There is a lot of talking and question marks have been about the repentance of Nana Agradaa and this recent video fresh video will be more evident to why people’s doubt will never calm down.

She has gotten herself into a situation where most people won’t trust her or feel her repentance isn’t real. In the video, Nana Agradaa can be seen reciting some incantations on a piece of white cloth.

After the incantations, she threw the piece of white cloth at the church members who were busily dancing during the praises and worship session in front of the alter.

The white piece of cloth appears to be like an enchanted handkerchief but we can’t completely say it’s inherently true or false.

Watch video here….



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