Netizans Blast Afia Schwarzenegger For Writing This On Social Media. See Full Details

Afia Schwarzenegger is always trends on social media with reaction to certain matters about herself.  She don’t  seem to happy this time. Afia has hit it hard on the face of people who try to disrepect her children.

In a post on Facebook, the social media influencer sent a warning to any person who will disrespect her children. As far as she is concern and alive, they need to give them the respect.

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Furthermore, those who will fails to heed to this warming would be in trouble.  She has assured that, anybody who falls prey, will feel the paws of her lioness.

Afia Schwarzenegger is known to be one of the celebrity mothers who do joke with issues revolving her children. Especially, when they are negative comments.  But her followers on facebook have also clashed with her with their comments.

Her post generated negative comment from facebook users bashing her for disrespecting people’s parents and their kids so therefore she should desist from telling people to show respect to her kids.

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Some in their comment made it known to her that respect is reciprocal so if she deserves respect and for her wards then she should also do the needful by showing respect to others.

Most of the Comments under her post displays some of her followers are not in support with what she post.
Scroll to the bottom to have a view of her post and comments.


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