Old Video of Beverly Afaglo Bragging About Her Riches Surface Online, Ghanaians React

An old video of Beverly Afaglo is trending online bragging about how rich she is and the many houses she owes amid momo contribution.

It’s really not surprising how this old video popped up as social media has been a house for many things. Most people forget to could be expose when they do things on social media.

This old video shows how the actress was bragging about her riches and her father being a chief. But at the end, nothing to show for these riches as sympathized for by some celebrities for momo contribution.

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Just few days ago, the Ghanaian actress got her house rack down by fire, losing all her belongings. In a video, she explained how the fire started when her mom was bringing some weeds in the house. The fire layer spread to other parts of the house and brought everything down.

Everything she had in the room was lot she said. This also raised up reactions from Ghanaians and other celebrities. Some of the celebrities pledged to help the actress which later on a number pop up on social media to make contributions to her via Mobile Money or a Bank account.

I guess this might have triggered social media users to make some background checks. This brought her up her old video bragging about her riches and properties she owes.

From the video, you could hear her brag about how rich she is, the number of companies she has and how her acting career was also progressing.

She also said her husband (Choirmaster) was also rich and doing very well in his career.

The interesting part of all this was when she said her father was a chief, who was very rich and owned massive properties.

This made Ghanaians and social media users wonder how a rich woman like her would be “seeking” for momo contributions towards her burnt house.

So how can a person who is rich, her husband is rich and her father left her many properties, be begging for MoMo just because one house has burned?

Watch the old video of Beverly Afaglo bragging…


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