“Our Day” Letter Boy Gets A Surprise From Professor Jane Naana Opoku

Oswald’s letter to her mum has become a concern to the whole country. Ghanaians from all walks of life have offered to play a role in making this “our day” a memorable one for little Oswald and Mrs Appiah.

The latest philanthropist to come to the support of the old boy’s list is the running mate of the National Democratic Congress, Professor Jane Naana Opoku. The educationist has been impressed with the intelligence of little Oswald and is offering him the latest iPad in town.

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Breaking the news on her twitter handle, she wrote;

“Oswald is such a fascinating and intelligent boy. I am absolutely thrilled by his story. I am immediately sending to him the latest iPad Pro fully loaded with educational content just as he wishes. Do have a memorable our day gem. Will pay you and your classmates a visit soon”, she concluded.

Oswald’s father revealed his son loves using and studying with the iPad.  We believe this surprise would be a worthwhile for young Oswald.

Many have been thrilled with little Oswald and the gesture to his teacher, Mrs Appiah. The school has been flooded with goodies and the students of Graceland School, are really having a memorable “our day”.


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