Pink Lips Surgery Gone Wrong After Lady’s Lips Get Swollen (Video)

An unknown lady with a Nigerian accent has turned herself into a laughing stock after she elaborated on going for a lips surgery and what she got after. Her lips got swollen after the surgery.

We all know that, good looks attracts alot yet the extent certain people go inorder to look good is a kind which feels disturbing and demands a whole lot of questions.

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A lady in a video who decide to enhance her beauty by getting pink lips narrated how she has gotten herself into trouble.

According to the young lady, she has tried a number of creams for pink lips however, she didn’t get the results she had always wanted.

Due to this, she then decided to go lips surgery. Though it worked with her lips looking pink, she got her small lips increased into a larger size.

She stated in the video that she is hoping to see it go down. Netizens after coming across the video has unleashed their anger on the lady for doing what she did all in the name of beauty.


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