Rapper Big Shaq Spotted Pounding “Fufu” At A Chop Bar in Ghana (Video)

British-Ghanaian rapper Big Shaq better called Michael Daapah, has been spotted pounding “Fufu” at a chop bar in Ghana.

The “Mans Not Hot” Hit star arrived in Ghana for a visit few days ago with Kenyan Comedienne Elsa Majimbo.

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In a video shared by the actor, comedian and rapper himself, he was captured on camera together with Majimbo having some fufu pounding lessons in a chop bar they visited in Accra.

He was handled the big pestle used in pounding the Fufu at a local food joint (chop bar). Whiles Miss Majimbo came in later to drive the pounded fufu in a big mortar.

After pounding the fufu for few minutes, big Shaq was heard saying “me sisi” which mean my waist. This shows the tiring nature of the job.

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Miss Majimbo also had the opportunity to also pound the fufu for few minutes.  Although she wasn’t able to carry the heavy pestle, she did her best.

This video has really gone viral and gain lot of reactions.

Check these videos out below.

Rapper Big Shaq Spotted Pounding “Fufu”

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