Release Akuapem Poloo Else Ghana Will Face A Punishment From God – Ghanaian Prophetess

Release Akuapem Poloo Else Ghana Will Face A Punishment From God-Ghanaian Prophetess

The arrest and imprisonment of social media influencer and actress Rosemond Alade Brown, whose showbiz name is Akuapem Poloo, has called for attention, especially from celebrities.

The likes of DKB, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, American female rapper Cardi B, and others have commented on this on social media. They are pleading on behalf of the actress to be some form of pardon for the sake of her son.

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However, the request from the fans of Poloo and some celebrities to grant her bail hasn’t been fruitful. Ghanaian celebrities are not the only people asking for the release of the Efiewura TV series star. One Ghanaian female prophetess has also added her voice to the Akuapem Poolo saga.

In a video sighted by Edem Trends Gh, the Prophetess, in her speech, sounded a warning to authorities to grant bail for Akuapem Poolo. She added considering the instructions is important since it is a command from God. However, when actions are not taken, then Ghana should be ready to face punishment from God.

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Also, she claims she didn’t want to involve herself concerning Akuapem Poolo’s arrest, but God pushed her to do so. She also indicated how God revealed how brokenhearted the vice president of Ghana is due to Poolo’s arrest. Therefore, the vice must do something about it.

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