Sad Moment As Lady Rejects His Boyfriend’s Proposal Due To Small M@nhood

Marriage proposals at public places has become one of the strategies adopted by dating partners. But it has appeared that it is doing more harm than good.

Many males have tried showing how much they love their girlfriends in public as well as proposing marriage to them. This at the end brings joy to both but over here in this video, one unlucky gentleman who tried to use the same strategy has been disgraced by his female partner.

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The unkown gentleman in the video can be observed kneeling at a market square with ring in his hand proposing marriage to his lady. The attention of  buyers, sellers and passerby’s attention was drawn to the scene. One can also be heard informing the lady to say yes to his man’s proposal.

Expectation was a yes answer from the lady. However, her reaction to the proposal made a signal which shows she isn’t okay with it at all. Shockingly what one could hear from the lady is that, he loves his man but she can’t stay together with him due to how small his manhood is.

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What can you say about this? Is the lady wicked being fair to the man?



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