Sad News: Young Man Who Finds It Difficult To Bath Since 31st December 2020 Due To Handicap Pleads For Serious Help

One young man interviewed by Ghanaian popular blogger, Zionfelix narrated the sad incident that led to his current situation or state. The young man goes by the name Joshua.

Joshua who has always been in his underground room due to his suffering revealed that, the manner in which he finds himself now was caused by a driver who hit him with his car and also escaped after the harm was done. Why on earth will a brother cause harm to another without even giving a hand?

His movement has been ceased and as a result of this. He also urinates and answers to nature’s call in his room. Zionfelix in his post narrated how the young man had his last bath on 31st December 2020. In addition, Joshua always urinates in empty containers which keeps on piling up in his room. He only gets help to empty them when someone comes around to visit.

We all know that finding yourself in a situation like this is really frustrating. Therefore, the Ghanaian blogger has appealed to many to aid Joshua in his sufferings.

Below is a screenshot of the blogger’s post and the procedures to follow to assist Joshua.


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