See Photos Of The World’s First Ever Transparent Vehicle

The world has gradually transformed into a technology world where from time to time there is an upgrade or new version. But it seems amazing when we hear about certain things, for instance, this transparent looking car on a busy road.

Well, from fact checked, information has indicated that TRW automobiles have been able to produce the first ever transparent car.

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Being the first of it’s kind, it has already generated enough buzz in the automobile industry regarding it’s uses and benefits after it was put on display at the FrankFurt Motor Show.

Also, from the house of TRW Automotive, it has been launched as the first transparent semi automative car. TRW Automotive have disclosed that they are also concerntrating on how to keep drivers and car passengers safe through a life size acrylic car ‘driven’ by models.

The car also has many sensors that collect data as well as an upgraded active seat belt system to control the situation of any crush.


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