See Video of How A Thief Invaded A Shop Full of iPhones and Accessories

Sad moment thief evade and made away items of a shop full of phone and accessories. After toiling for years to get to where he is now, they just used a day to break him down.

The toil of a young man named Mr Alfred who happens to be the owner of Igoodsgh has became what someone may describe as invain.

Igoodsgh is notable for selling iPhones and it’s accessories. News reaching us indicates one of the shop at Abbosey Okai has been robbed by an unidentified guy. He invaded the shop at dawn and made away the items.

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A Cctv camera in the shop captured the whole procedure used by the thief in stealing the iPhones and accessories. He didn’t leave any other accessories which may seem small but cost alot of money.

From the video, the unidentified guy who one can say already knew there was a camera somewhere in the shop covered his face with a mask to avoid exposure of his face.

One could say his mission was successful since he was able to take away all the phone. The owner of the shop after coming out to narrate the whole story also showed a video of what occurred. He was accused of how rude he is at times by some people amidst his hard times.

Upon reading the comment of such people, he again came out to plead to those that thought he wronged them in a new video.

Watch the video of how the thief took away everything below.


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