Social media Users Shocked As Little Girl Chooses Bundle Of Money Over Rice And Stew (Video)

Kids of this days have also realize how important money is. Gone are the day when kids choose sweets over money. They wouldn’t hesitate taking the sweets.

Off late when kids are given such opportunity to choose between money and what they always wish for (sweets), they end up picking the money over the sweets.

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A similar example has been sighted in a video making rounds online. A little girl was given two options to choose between a bundle of money and a plate of rice. The father of the girl whose voice could be heard in the video asked the child to choose her choice.

Expectations was to see the little girl choosing the plate of rice wich had a lot of meat on top of it but the kid after cracking her brain, ended up taking the bundle of money.

She didn’t even show a sign of returning the money back when she was asked to go away with it.

Watch the video below and read the comments from social media users.


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