Source Reveals Ajax Won’t Be Allowed To Wear Their Bob Marley Inspired Kit In The UCL

Ajax football club unveiled a third kits to mark the beginning of the season but a source has indicated the jersey won’t be welcomed in the champions league. This decision was based on UEFA ruling.

The jersey composed of red, yellow and green strips on a black background is a Bob Marley inspired kit. It also had little birds in same color as a symbol for one of Bob Marley’s songs. Although it was used in the start of the season in one of their matches, it is not going to be allowed in the champions league.

According to the source, “Ajax won’t be allowed to wear their Bob Marley inspired third kits in the champions league as a result of a UEFA ruling.

Ajax: (UEFA) sees it as a different expression than the club logo, logo clothing sponsor or sleeves sponsor. Other expressions are not allowed”.

Source: Bleacher Report Football


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