TB Joshua: Did He Predict His Death? Check Out His Last Message

TB Joshua is the founder and leader of the Synagogue Church Of All Nation. The man of God has reportedly joined his ancestors on Saturday and the news is currently trending on social media.

TB Joshua is one of the most powerful men of God Nigeria has produced but most of his miracles have been doubted by many unbelievers and tagged as fake. He has made so many global prophecies such as the emergence of Covid-19 but many stilled doubted in his genuineness.

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However, this revelation from the man of God stand to confirm how powerful he was when alive and anyone who reads this will undoubtedly believe he was indeed sent from God.

Shortly before TB Joshua’s death, he organised a meeting with his television partners and directly and clearly informed them of what is yet to come using the book of Ecclesiastes

In the meeting, the man of God quoted from the book of Ecclesiastes l. He said “there is time for everything. A time to come and pray and a time to go home. Watch and pray, one life for Christ is all we have”

TB Joshua

The news started trending like wild fire and the message followed. It is a sad news that the world has lost another powerful gem.


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