Teaching Is A Sacrificial Job and Not To Make You A Millionaire – President Akuffo Says [Audio]

Teaching as a profession in Ghana is one of the jobs people sometimes look down on. For one or your ward to learn write and speak fluently in English or other languages in school, it’s the teacher. Lawyers, engineers, pilot, doctor, nurses, to mention a few were all made who they are today because of a teacher.

The special treatment teachers receive in other countries as compared to Ghana is very poor. In Ghana, facilities to assist schools in the rural areas is a problem not to talk of teachers enjoying their work.

In regard to the teaching situation in our country, the President of the nation made a comment which wasn’t in the interest of teachers.

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo in a speech indicated, teaching as a profession is a sacrificial job and not meant to amass wealth inorder to become a millionaire.

He went on advising teachers to rather do other things in addition if only they want to turn into millionaires. This is because teaching is also one factor that contributes in building the nation but no to make one wealthy.

This comment from President may not to be encouraging and gone well to some teachers. This might discourage others who would want to join the teaching profession. Teachers also deserve to enjoy well from their labour.

In this article is an audio of Akufo Addo speaking to an audience on the topic of teaching.

Listen to the audio below;


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