The Best Way To Preserve Yam From Spoilage When Not Ready To Eat

Do you throw away your yam because it gets spoil after you store it for few days? We always love to store foods when not ready to consume it but do we do it the right way? In this article, we will provide you with the right and hidden secret to preserve yam at home or restaurant.


People go to any extent to find ways of preserving their food from going bad. But with the case of yam, it sometimes comes with difficulties. This might be because much information is not being heard or read on its preservation. Due to lack of knowledge on how to preserve yam a longer time, our yams tends to go bad after few days.

To help provide insight on how to prevent our yams from spoilage, we have put together the best option for you.

Note: Storing yam at normal room temperature may last to only 5-7 days aside what we provide you with.

Read the procedures from this article to extend the life span of your yam. Im the same way, save yourself from food shortage.

  • Peel your yam and cut it into any preferred size or a size of your choice.
  • As said earlier, to extend the shelf life of yams, put the quantity you know you will be able to consume in each ziplock and store them in the freezer.
  • The moment you take it out from the freezer just put in straight on the fire.
  • Also you can choose to cook yam before keeping or storing it in the freezer.
  • Once your yam has been cooked and stored in the freezer, you need not to be worry. Your frozen cooked yams will stay for months.
  • Reheat yam again when you are to consume it.


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