The Lady Who Sold Water With One Leg Celebrate Her Birthday Today With Beautiful Transformed Photos

Do you recall the handicapped lady who was found selling water in traffic by a punch? Indeed! Today is her birthday, and you can’t help but marvel at her transformation.

This lady has suffered for years, and God has finally sent her helpers, as she has been removed from the streets.  Also she has received assistance from a large number of people. You can see how radiant she was during her birthday photo session.

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This is a source of hope for those who are suffering; there is nothing God cannot do; you only need to wait for your appointed time and your helpers will arrive.

Mary Daniel is a 26-year-old amputee who is now a single mother. She used to hawk table water in the Oshodi, Lagos, traffic. You can imagine how difficult it must have been for her.

Because even people who are not physically disabled can appreciate how difficult it is to work in such a setting. Let alone a physically challenged lady who only has one leg and supports it with a stick. The lady is a single mother of one, which means she is responsible for a boy, despite the fact that her income can barely cover her basic needs.

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Punch discovered her and interviewed her. She discussed how life became extremely difficult for her after she lost both parents and continued to lose her right leg in an accident in December 2006, when they were traveling to their hometown.

She was forced to leave school in Junior Secondary School 3 (JSS3) when she began selling sachet water in Onitsha to support herself and her elderly grandmother.

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Following her discovery, Mary Daniels has received several donations from good samaritans and well wishers.


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