The Mercy Ship Which Travels To African Countries To Treat People For Free Is Yet To Arrive In Ghana

A source has indicated that the world’s first purpose-built hospital ship, the Global Mercy has decided to target Ghana for their next project and it is probably this very year.

The intention of the organization was made known by a radio channel on it’s page with the name, Revival 99.3 FM.

Many upon coming into contact with the news have expressed their joy due to the fact that, either themselves, a brother, sister, mother or father of theirs is about to get his or her long awaited help.

The most interesting part of the whole matter is that, Mercy Ship is a non profit organization but are desperate to offer help to those with any form of disability.

From the source, they will be in Ghana in the second week of December 2021. Already, the non profit organization has aided several people with disabilities. In this article are some of the photos of those who were helped.


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