The Versatility Of Ginger As A Food Grade Herb In Our Everyday Life

The Versatility Of Ginger As A Food Grade Herb In Our Everyday Life

Ginger (Zingibler оffiсiаnаle) is in the fаmily оf Zingiberасeаe tо whiсh аlsо belоng turmeriс (сurсum lоngа), саrdаmоm, аnd gоlоgоl. Ginger rооt (rhizоme) is widely used аs а sрiсe оr fоr fоlk mediсine. It is аn аnсient sрiсe whiсh wаs exроrted tо Eurорe frоm Indiа аnd Fаr Eаst in the first сentury АD during eаrly sрiсe trаde by the Rоmаns.

Further, The juice from ginger root is used as a seasoning in recipes and is common ingredient in Eastern and Asian countries for flavouring dishes, such as seafood, meats and vegetarian dishes. The use of ginger spread to other parts of the world from India and Far East.

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In addition, it produces a hot fragrant kitchen spice. Ginger root (rhizomes) are juicy and fleshy with a very mild spicy taste. We pickle in vinegar as a snack or we cook it as ingredient in many dishes. We can steep ginger in boiling water to make it tisane to which we often add honey, orange and mostly importantly, lemon fruit juice.

The flavours of dried and fresh ginger are different; the fresh has a higher spice flavour. We usually use powered dry ginger for gingerbread, cookies, crackers, cakes, ginger ale and ginger beer.

In conclusion, we cook crystallize ginger in sugar solution until soft and it is a type of confectionery Fresh ginger for dishes and we normally peel before use. We store ginger in plastic bags and sometimes in refrigerators.  Ginger has great medicinal values which date back many years. We use ginger for foods, drinks and beauty products all over the world.

Here are specific uses and some medicinal values.

The Versatility Of Ginger As A Food Grade Herb In Our Everyday Life

  • Firstly, for battling cold, flu and fevers
  • Secondly, soothes digestive disturbances
  • Calms coughing and respiratory troubles
  • Reliefs intestinal gas
  • Contains Anti-cancer compounds
  • Has detoxifying properties as well as cleansing of body.
  • Helps to increase blood flow around the body.
  • Can be homemade tea, ginger soups and recipes.
  • Has immune boosting action
  • May improve brain function and protect against some diseases and improve memory and attention.
  • Assist in weight loss programmes
  • Help reduce menstrual pain
  • Help prevent strokes and heart disease.



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