Then and Now Photos of Popular Instagram Model Mary Magdalene (Watch)

Model Mary Magdalene throwback photos

Instagram model Mary Magdalene shot to fame through her plastic surgeries or alteration of her body. She is also regarded with as the woman with the ‘world’s fattest v@gina’.

Looking back to how Magdalene was during her teenage shows she has completely transformed into a different person.

The young and beautiful actress has currently been covered with lots of tattoos from head to toe. Also, she has undergone many plastic surgeries. She has now got huge b00bs and lips.

Interestingly, she has also inflated her v@gina so she can have the fattest v@gina in the world.

We have put together some photos in a form of a video of how Magdalene was before she started alterating her body. Her current appearance got her into fame and very popular.

Watch the video here


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