Thousands Gather at Fire Academy In Jamestown For Screening (Photos)

As the recruitment for personnel into the security service was opened, many Ghanaians applied with some qualifying for stage 2 of the process. The next stage after the online application is the screening process which started today, Monday, 25th October, 2021.

Thousands gathered at the Fire Academy and Training School in Jamestown, Accra for screening. There have been a number of chaos due to numbering issues.

Per some reports this morning, it was observed many of these applicants arrive at the avenue very early as at 4am. Which they had to form a group but confusion broke out when some officials wanted to separate them according to educational qualifications.

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The exercise which was yet to start also turned a stress filled one when most people were mistakenly given double numbers at the venue

The screening process will continue throughout the week but certain measures to be put in place to make the procedure easier for both parties.

Also, applicants who attend their screening should be cautious of what they do at the center. They should also try let peace and understanding prevail, for smooth running of the process.

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The screening process is on-going and hoping to be successful as they have started. This stage includes checking your documents; bio documents and educational certificates. Also, checking of height and other physical attributes will be involved.
The process will continue tomorrow till the end of the week as it’s be done in batch. Every successful applicant have their screening dates allocated to them through sms.
Wish everyone a success at this stage and pray everything goes smoothly.
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