Top 10 Local Foods In Ghana. See Details

Ghana can boost of its rich culture especially the local mouth-watering dishes. Food is one very important aspect of our culture as such we have put together top 10 local foods in Ghana.

Not only do we locally consume them in Ghana but also in other foreign countries. Our local dishes has attracted but has also attract many foreign into Ghana just to come have a feel of our culture (local foods).

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These foods are either homemade or bought from restaurants and “Chop bars” as we locally call it in Ghana. Such foods can be consumed by everyone being it a child, man or woman. It has contains good nutritional values that support the body.

Without saying much, let’s delve into these lists of locally made food in Ghana. Below are the top 10 local foods in Ghana;

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1. Banku

Top 10 local foods in Ghana

As we all know, banku is the commonest food enjoy in almost all the regions in Ghana. This food is derived from a mixture of corn and cassava dough. It is eaten with variety of soups in Ghana but mostly goes with Okro soup or pepper.

Although it’s consumed across Ghana, it is associated with some particular tribes like the Ewes, Gas and Fantes.


2. Fufu

Top 10 local foods in Ghana

Fufu is also one of the common local foods in Ghana and some parts of West Africa. Aside it been eaten by many tribes here, it’s associated with the Ashantis. Fufu is the combination of boiled cassava and plantain pounded together. It’s also enjoyed with variety of soups like palm nut soup, groundnut soup and others.


3. Ga Kenkey (“Komi or Dokuno”)

Top 10 local foods in Ghana

Kenkey is a staple food common to the Gas but eaten by many. It is usually served with pepper sauce and fried fish.


4. Konkonte

Top 10 local foods in Ghana

Konkonte is a Ghanaian local food made from cassava flour. It usually goes with soups either palm nut or groundnuts soup. The English Name for the delicacy is “BROWN FUFU”.


5. Ampesi

Ampesi is a local meal in Ghana and is prepared with boiled yam, boiled plantain, boiled cocoyam or boiled cassava or a mix of these. It is served with a spicy gravy or vegetable stew or kontomire or thick palm-nut soup.


6. Tuo Zaafi

The Northern, Upper East and West regions are known for its delicious Tuo Zaafi with Ayoyo soup. Aside its association with the Northers in Ghana, people from other tribes consume it too.


7. Omo Tuo (Rice balls)

Omo Tuo is a Ghanaian local food made with rice. It has a similar cooking process like the banku and shaped into balls. It’s usually served with soup (groundnut it palm nut soup) and preferable meat or fish.


8. Apapransa

Aprapransa is a local enjoyed mostly by the Ewes and Ga-Dangme(or Ga). The dish is prepared by heat mixing(or blending) roasted corn flour with soup called ‘Palm Nut Soup’.


9. Etor

Etor is a popular Ghanaian meal in southern Ghana made from either boiled yam, plantain or cocoyam mashed and mixed with palm oil. It is prepared with slightly ripped plantain and unripe plantain.


10. Mpotompoto (yam casserole or porridge)

Mpotompoto is slices of yam cooked with much water and pepper, onions, tomatoes, salt and preferred seasoning.


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