Tracey Boakye Celebrates Her 2-Year-Old Adopted Daughter (Video)

Ghanaian actress and businesswoman Tracey Boakye in a post on Instagram has shown off her adopted daughter, Tracey Ntiamoah during her 2nd birthday.

According to her, she adopted the beautiful little girl when the real mother was 5 months pregnant with her. She also disclosed that she asked the little girl’s mother to name her daughter after her if she is a girl and everything of hers will be her responsibility.

Interestingly, the mother named her daughter after Tracey Boakye and she (Tracey Boakye) has been taking care of the little girl since she was born.

In a post on her (Tracey Boakye) instagram, she disclosed certain information about her adopted daughter and how it all started.

She wrote,

“Let me tell you a little story about this beautiful baby (Tracey). I adopted her when her mum was carrying her (5months pregnant), I told her, if your baby is a girl, give her to me, (name her after me), I didn’t even know she was going to deliver her on a Thursday (yaa), surprisingly she also has my husband’s surname (Ntiamoah), because of her dad. I made a promise to her parents during her christening, and I still stick to that promise, I have a covenant with God about you my Tracey, and so far as I live, you will never lack! It’s a promise 🙏🏿🙏🏿🥰. So help me God 🙏🏿. Happy 2nd birthday Baby Yaa (Tracey), I love you 😘 my third child 😘😘😘😘. God bless you.”


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