Tyrone Marhguy: Rastafarian Student Accused By His Father For Beating And Injuring His Right Hand

Mr. Tereo Marhguy, the father of Tyrone, one of the Rastafarian students who was involved in the Achimota School admission Saga, has accused his son of beating and injuring his right hand.

He made the allegations in a video sighted on the official Facebook page of Metro TV Ghana.

According to Mr. Tereo, his son Tyrone damaged his sister’s tablet and was supposed to go with her the next day to see a repairer so he would get the faulty tablet fixed.

He disclosed his son wasn’t ready to go with her sister when the time was up, and this brought a little misunderstanding between his two kids.

Mr. Tereo said when he went to the room to talk to his son Tyrone, the boy walked passed him, and when he tried grabbing his son, he got injured by him.

Mr. Tereo added that this wasn’t the first time his boy has disrespected him, and anytime he does that, his wife gives her full support to their son.

Watch the video below.


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