Van Vicker Wife and Children

Van Vicker has a beautiful wife and three children. The Ghanaian actor’s wife is called Adjoa Van Vicker, and their children are J’dyl Vanette Vicker, J-ian Vicker, and Vj Van Vicker, two females and a male.

Van Vicker married in 2013 after a few years in a relationship with his current wife, Adjoa. The two have been through thick and thin for about ten years. They both love and cherish each other and their children as well.

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On different occasions, the award-winning actor has shared photos of his wife and children online, and for all the times he did that, he expressed how much his family means to him.

Van Vicker enjoys spending quality time with his family without being prevented by his busy schedule as an actor and a businessman.

See photos of Van Vicker wife and children below.


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