Video: Bridegroom Feels Shy To Kiss His Newly Wedded Wife

During weddings, the most fun part is during the time which the bride and groom are asked to kiss. This pulls out a lot of noise around and makes the marriage an exciting one to watch.

A video making runs on social media where a bridegroom is shy to kiss his newly wedded wife. This feels unusual since kissing after pronouncement has been one of the norms in every wedding.

With this act one could see that the bridegroom isn’t much of a public personality. Also, we cannot tell if he finally kissed her due to the duration of the video and for such an event it’s rare to see them in our societies.

This is because even the shy people we do know who are getting married during their wedding proves to be tough and kiss hurriedly in order to avoid being shy of the all who is gathered there.

View the video below;



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