Video: Lady Gives Boyfriend “Yawa” In Public As She Rejects Trotro But Wants Uber

The manner in which some ladies treat their men in public is really a bad. Men who propose to their ladies in public sometimes get embarrassed. But in this article it’s a different case from the usual ones we see.

The video making waves online captured a man and his lady at the bus station in a hot argument. What brought up the misunderstanding was the lady’s refusal to join a commercial mini bus stopped by his boyfriend. The curveous lady in the video insisted she prefer to sit in Uber and not in trotro.


The lady angrily stated, “Do I look like someone who sits in trotro, I want uber”. One of the passengers in the commercial vehicle upon hearing this shouted on top of his voice asking the driver to continue with the journey if the two are not ready to move along with them.

Although the gentleman was doing all that he could to convince his woman join the bus, she still insisted she needs uber. A few people who gathered to watch scene did not even bother their selves to have a say in what was going on.

Watch the video here;


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