Video Of A White Man Speaking Twi Fluently Goes Viral

It’s mostly infrequent to come across white men and women who speak any of the local languages in Ghana fluently.

All we could hear these foreigners say when they visit Ghana is the popular “Akwaaba”, “3y3” and “Etisen” phrases. But there are others who love to pick one or two when it comes to the Ghanaian culture practices. We see many come for events every year.

In a video gradually gaining popularity on social media, a white man who identified himself as Kofi Asante dressed in a kente outfit was sighted having a conversation with others in the twi.

The “Oyibo man” together with a number of Ghanaians in a commercial bus was talking about where he is from, the number of local languages in Ghana he used to speak and a couple of other things.

Watching the video, Kofi Asante didn’t seem to be struggling with speaking this local language although he lives in London, United Kingdom.

Kofi Asante revealed he is from Kwadaso, a town in the Ashanti region. He lived there for some years but left Ghana in 1998 and haven’t returned yet.

As many may be knowledgeable of people being born into a mixed race.

For instance one may have a parent from Ghana and the other parent from any other country overseas. So is this “Oyibo man” Kofi Asante also from a mixed race.

Watch this video below;


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