Video Of How Will Smith Sl@pped Chris Rock At OSCARS After He Made A Joke About His Wife, Jada (Video)

Chris Rock made a bald joke about Jada Pinkett Smith who battles alopecia. Will Smith who saw the reaction of his wife immediately walked on stage after the comment was made and appeared to assault Rock on stage in the middle of his monologue.

After the action took place between Will Smith and Rock, Will Smith returned to his seat and words were exchanged between the two. In the video, Smith could be heard repeatedly saying “Keep my wife’s name out your (expletive) mouth!”

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Soon after this altercation, Will Smith won the Oscar for best actor in a leading role for his role in the film “King Richard.” and finally apologized for drama which took place

The video has since gone viral and some netizens with opinions stated that Rocks deserves it all because it is not right to use one’s illness as a joke.

Click and watch the video…


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