Video: SHS Student Invent A Power Machine To Curb Dumsor

Ghana the star of Africa is really made of talents. I couldn’t stop watching a video of a an invention by a student of Ghana Senior High School,Tamale. He is a member of energy efficiency and conservation club, identified as Abanga Abdul-Karim Ibrahim.

Subsequently, you can’t afford to miss watching this video. And perfectly suit on the screen of our national television to motivate the youth. However, these are better of than showing fake Mallams and Pastors who drag the young ones wayward.


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The young guy has come out with a project that produces electricity, set to bring relief to the current power outages situation in the country as we don’t solely depend on hydro electric power generation at home. The good news is that, apart from the initial capital he used in setting up the project there’s no other cost involved, you won’t pay bills to anyone and with or without hydro electric power, there’s always flow of current.

Wow, the children of this generation are ready to help the nation. But whether our leaders are ready to accept these ideas is another topic for discussion. I remember the the young boy who did his own car if not Apostle Sarfo who would’ve taken him serious, really sad.

He uses a cardboard, GC Motor, wire and LED light bulb in coming out with this household which is powered by windmill.

After watching the video very careful, I must say Ghana must learn to identify and nurture talent. This guy will be good inventor and prospector, he is a fantastic communicator. Also, we must deliberate on how to bring talent through and help them to mature and benefit our society.

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I think the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation should collaborate with the science, research and development labs in our various Universities to come up with programmes for such kids.

I wish someone could search and support this boy. We can nurture him and see how best we can go around with his ideas. Also, i pray such great minds do not turn into politicians like the likes of Prof. Frimpong Boateng. Seems you lose your ‘brains’ the moment you enter into partisan politics in Africa.

May God help such guys through the journey for a better Africa in the near future.

Watch video here;








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