Watabomshell: Ghanaians And Nigerians React Massively After Discovering The Look Alike Of Enock Darko (Watch)

It’s very surprising and interesting how fans react when they get to see a replica of their favorites personalities. Another celebrity whose look alike has been discovered is Enock Darko.

The replica who appears to be a female and a Nollywood star as well was seen when the “bombshell” implenter posted a photo and a link to one of the movies he starred with her in.

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Many upon realizing their resemblance started pouring in comments saying they look like twins. While some also went ahead to question if he relates with her in anyway.

Currently, Enock Darko hasn’t come out to tell if the female Nollywood is either a sister, cousin or auntie to him but for sure, he will let fans know.

Enock Darko’s lookalike
Photo of Enock Darko’s lookalike


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