Watch Moment Brilliant Young Boy Narrates The History Behind Lake Bosomtwe

A young boy has shaked the internet by telling Ghanaians the history behind Lake Bosomtwe. A young boy who is believe to be nine years has wow the internet with everything you need to know about Lake Bosomtwe.

The young boy started describing the Lake Bosomtwe as fourteen miles in length and ten miles in width.

According to the boy, the river was first called ‘Bosom’ where a meteorite called (Otwe) with fire fall from the sky to hit the river and that gave it a name ‘Bosomtwe’.

He further added that the river is seventy eight (78) meters which is approximately two hundred and thirty four (234) feet down.

The young boy also described a tree called Mahogany found in the middle of the river for over three hundred and eighty one (381) years. According to him the river is surrounded by twenty two (22) towns.

He added that there are only two people who have been able to swim across the river but it took them more time to finish swimming. There is more to this just click on the link below to watch the video


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