Watch The Moment Nigerian Actor Chidi Mokeme’s M@nhood Was Hooked To A Masquerade’s Voodoo Staff (Video)

Nigerian Actor Chidi Mokeme has shared a video of the moment of his manhood hooked to a masquerade’s voodoo staff.

In the video posted on Instagram, the reality show host and movie producer, who is currently out of Nigeria, was spotted dancing with a group of Masquerades at an event in Cameroon.

Chidi Mokeme, in a black top, was approached by one of the Masquerades who held a voodoo staff which he first placed on his shoulder and after placed around his flap.

According to the actor, the staff was hooked to his manhood and added that he had to pay the Masquerade to set it free. He also revealed that after it was set free, he also had to neutralize it with his Jesus Voodoo, but he said this out of excitement.

He wrote in his caption, “And I had to pay that guy to freee my D from his voodoo staff after I neutralized it with my Jesus Voodoo😂🤣😂.”

Watch the video below.


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