Ways To Make Phone Battery Last Longer

Ways To Make Phone Battery Last Longer

In this era of technology and digitization where the use of mobile phones have become very common. It is the order of the day in doing almost everything because the numerous Apps. And also daily business transactions, one will definitely love for his or her battery to live longer. If not at all, for the whole day to avoid desperation and loss of business, and also to keep up with information.

Ways to make phone battery last longer


Here are some simple tips to help you make phone battery last longer for you;
  1. Reduce your screen brightness: The screen brightness is one thing which drains the battery, and to maintain your battery, you need to reduce its brightness to enable you conserve some energy in the battery.
  2. Control how you charge your phone: The charging of battery in bits weakens it and limits it lifespan. Make time to charge your it to at least 80% before removing it from charge. This also helps to preserve the battery.
  3. Do not use phone whiles charging: If you are use to browsing, making calls or using your phone while charging then you have to desist from it to prolong your battery’s lifespan. Using phone whiles charging overburdens the battery and if you notice most of the makes both browsing and charging slow.
  4. Use battery saving modes: Turn on your ‘Power Saving Mode’ or ‘Low Power Mode’ depending on the type of phone you use to reduce energy consumption.
  5. Use Wi-Fi: The use of Wi-Fi does not consume more energy compared to using your own data. Always remember to turn on your phones Wi-Fi on when there is one available to use to prolong your battery life.
    Reduce videos: Whether downloading or watching, video processing is one of the operations on the phone that consumes a lot of power.
  6. Put phone on Airplane mode: when you put your phone in this mode, it automatically disables your Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GSM and GPS functions on the phone which can still save you some battery.
  7. Avoid allowing phone battery to be empty or turn red before charging: Always recharge your phone battery when you realize its 20%-15% rather than red. This is to allow the battery to have some energy in it before charging than draining it.


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