Which Foods Among These From The Volta Region Is Your Favorite Food?

Which foods among these from the Volta Region is your favorite food?

Most of the Ewes are known to be habitats from the Volta region of Ghana. Volta region is among the sixteen regions in Ghana where most of the Ewes hail from.

The Ewes from the Volta region are mostly into both fishing and farming. Aside this, The Ewes From the Volta region are known to have some unique foods which will be discussed in this article. Moreover, some of these meals are enjoyed in other regions in Ghana.


Here are the foods from Volta region to choose from;

Akple and Okro soup(“Fetri Detsi”)

Akple is a Ghanaian main meal indigenous to the Ewe tribe of the Volta region. It is whitish grey in colour and we mostly roll it into spherical ball, varying in diameter for the person whom will be eating the akple.

Subsequently, the ingredients for the preparation are corn flour, cassava doug, salt and water. We traditionally eat with the hands. We usually eat with Okro soup known as “Fetri Detsi” among the Ewes. One can also eat with herrings stew(abobitadi).

Akple with Fetri Detsi

Dzemkple is very delicious to enjoy. We  traditionally serve Dzemkple at special Ewe festival but we also prepare for other festive occasions. Between the Akans, it is known as “Aprapransa”.

Agbeli kaklo

Agbeli kaklo is a Ghanaian snack and made from cassava and eaten by the locals. The snack was introduced from the southern part of the Volta region. It is very flaky and mostly eaten with hard coconut.

The snack’s name is as such because we derive it from cassava and “Agbeli” in the Ewe language means cassava.

Agbeli kaklo

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Aboloo is a epicure free sweet and slightly sour steam dumpling which is popular among the Ewes in Ghana. We best enjoyed it with spicy tomato salsa and fried tiny fish known in Ghana as “One man thousand”.

Yake Yake

It is gluton free steam pudding we make out of cassava and is popular among the Ewes from the Volta region of Ghana.

Yake Yake

Which foods among these from the Volta Region is your favorite food?



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