Who is Cheddar in Ghana?

Nana Kwame Bediako

Cheddar, also called Freedom Jacob Caesar or Cheddar Cheese, is a Ghanaian millionaire. He is a business mogul, a real estate developer, an industrialist, and a humanitarian who owns a Foundation called the “New African Foundation.” He is also a visionary which led to him forming the Freedom Movement.

Cheddar is 42 years old, and his real name is Nana Kwame Bediako. He was born in Kumasi, Ghana, on February 13, 1980, to a Ghanaian mother and father. Caesar reveals his mum, who raised him, was poor, but his father was a wealthy man. However, his mum’s situation made him discover his entrepreneurial skills at a young age.

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According to Freedom, one day, his dad gave him and his elder brother an amount of money each and told them to use it to support their mother, but his brother decided to buy Bread and eggs with it while he bought two layer chickens to start a poultry business. Soon, the birds were giving him about 100 eggs a month, and he was making money from selling them.

Nana Kwame Bediako (a.k.a Cheddar)
Nana Kwame Bediako (a.k.a Cheddar)


The Prince of Africa had his senior high school education at Accra Academy and later went to Apam SHS. Furthering his education abroad, he enrolled at Waltham Forest College in the United Kingdom and proceeded to the University of Westminster in London.

Story of how Cheddar sold clothes and bought his first car at age 16.

While at Waltham Forest College, Cheddar continued to put the entrepreneurial skills he discovered at a young age in Ghana to use. He started selling clothes a friend gave him and made money from selling those clothes to people.

He used the money he made economically and managed to buy his first car at the age of 16. It was through the vehicle he purchased that he found a new business idea, selling scraps.

Story of how he started his Scrap Business.

Cheddar states that he was the only student who drove a car to college in 1994 and the only student who owned a mobile phone. He reveals he was very stubborn in school and always did what the security men in his school didn’t like. As payback, his car got clamped one day, but he managed to get the clamp off and kept it.

Later, he showed it to a friend who offered to buy it as scraps for 65 pounds. He got the idea to start a scrap business, and what he first did was sell his car parts as scraps. After that, he began buying steel from people and reselling them.

Story of how Cheddar established a Telecommunication Business in the United Kingdom

After some time in the scrap business, Cheddar moved to set up a Telco company in the United Kingdom called Global Telecommunications and Utilities during his time at the University. However, he dropped out of the University when he saw that he was becoming successful in his Telco Business.

Indeed his telecommunication business was doing well but was later sold to an investor for £410,000 when he decided to return to Ghana. All these businesses contributed to Badiako making his first million pounds at age 21.


Cheddar Cheese came to Ghana in 2001. He started a nightclub in Osu called Temptations. A few years later, he founded Wonda World Entertainment, an artist management business that saw him work with Ghana-based Liberian rapper and songwriter Scientific.

The next thing he did was go into the real estate business. Cheddar’s many years in the real estate industry have seen him become one of the most successful and famous people in the real estate business in Africa.

Bediako got the idea to start his real estate business after he made a double profit from two unique homes he built on just a plot of land. He founded his first real estate company Wonda World Estate which broke the grounds for the construction of his first project, Avenue Lincoln, a gated community at North Ridge in Accra.

Avenue Lincoln, named after his son Lincoln, houses, offices, townhouses, and apartments within one community.

Nana Kwame Bediako
Avenue Lincoln

Following the construction of Avenue Lincoln, Badiako carried out other massive projects, including No. 1 Oxford Street, Kwarleyz Residence, Bel Air Crest, and Belgravia Townhouses. He has upcoming projects such as Double W, Petrona City, Graduators, Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residence, JW Marriott, No. 2 Oxford Street in Ghana, and other mind-blowing projects in other countries.

• No. 1 Oxford Street: This is a 5-star hotel located at Osu Oxford Street in Accra. The hotel has one hundred and eight luxury residential units, and over $44 million was spent building it.

• Kwarleyz Residence: Badiako built this 5-star hotel with an apartment suite to honor his mum. The Kwarleyz Residence has a picture of his mum on it and is located at 15 Kofi Annan Street, around the airport residential area in Accra.

• Bel Air Crest: A twenty-nine-unit apartment residence with a rooftop sky bar, underground parking, a gym, and twenty-four-hour security. Bel Air Crest is located at Cantonment in Accra.

• Belgravia Townhouses: Belgravia is an eight luxury townhouse residence in the airport residential district in Accra, Ghana.

Companies in Ghana owned by Cheddar

Cheddar is the founder and CEO of Kwarleyz Group of Companies. The Group comprises five subsidiaries owned by Freedom Jacob Caesar.

– New Africa Construction
–  Petronia City Development
– Wonda World Estate
– New Africa Foundation
– Belfast City and Property Management Services

Personal life

Cheddar is married to a Ghanaian lady called Ruby Badiako. He married his wife when he was 23. The couple has four children, four boys.

Nana Kwame Bediako and wife
Nana Kwame Bediako and wife, Ruby Bediako

Cheddar’s public gifts to his wife

In 2020, Jacob Caesar gave his wife Ruby a Porsche Panamera Whip and a new mansion as a birthday/mother’s day gift. He surprised his wife with two land cruisers in January 2022 to appreciate her for being a good wife and the mother of his kids.

Cheddar’s Children

The four sons of Freedom Jacob Caesar are Goddy Badiako, famous for the 2020 GIS Prom Night, Lincoln Badiako, and two others.

Cheddar’s Brother

Kwaku Ofosu Badiako is the elder brother of Cheddar. He is the Founder and Group Executive Chairman of CH Group Limited in Ghana. Companies like Chase Petroleum, Goldkey properties, Baton Homes, and many are subsidiaries of CH Group.

Nana Kwame Bediako
Cheddar’s brother, Kwaku Ofosu Bediako


Apart from real estate, Cheddar Cheese is famous for empowering youths and supporting the less privileged in society. He has provided food, water, free healthcare, start-up capital, apartments, and others to several people personally and through his foundation.


He has won Grow United Build Africa (GUBA) Award, Forbes Award, Awards in Dubai, Emy Africa Award, and several others in Ghana.

List of Cheddar’s Cars

– Rolls Royce
– Lamborghini Aventador (A car he bought from Ronaldo).
– Customized Bulletproof Rezvani tank price
– Mercedes Maybach
– Honda Civic
– G Wagon, etc.

Cheddar’s House In Bel Air

Cheddar owns a $7 million worth mansion in California, United States. The design of this mansion situated at Bel-Air was inspired by the Versace building in Italy. Cheddar’s Bel Air mansion has a big cinema, a swimming pool, and everything you can think of in a luxurious home. However, this is just an addition to his assets in Spain, Ghana, and other countries.

Net worth

Cheddar has an estimated net worth ranging from $5 billion to $9 billion.


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